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Branching Out

It’s been a while but through the Covid-19 pandemic I have been branching out into another creative hobby of mine which I have developed a passion for – Knitting and crocheting! It seems miles apart from the decorative candles but through the baby boom of 2020/2021 I found myself creating various handmade baby clothes, toys, blankets etc and received really good feedback so I thought… why not? I’ve once again taken the plunge and have decided to expand my brand to include further handmade products, made with love, care and attention to detail which make perfect gifts for friends, family and even if you want to just spoil yourself!

With any new venture there are bound to be hurdles and setbacks but just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It also means that there are so many things to learn too and after gaining experience, like with a lot of different situations, it can at least get easier. I hope you all can join me on this journey and support me in any which way you can because along with building my brand, I want my customers to be able to feel comfortable that they are purchasing products from someone who just wants to help people bring joy to their loved ones, just as I do.

Remember to keep an eye out for new stock and collections coming soon!

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